how to become wealthy

How to become wealthy? Learn the key differences between the wealthy and others.

How to become wealthy is a question that many ask themselves. Three key aspects differentiate the wealthy from the middle class. Read on to find out about emotions, approach to time as well as view on comfort that the wealthy have. Anyone can be wealthy. You just need to make a decision and start changing yourself today.

‘Too many people spend money they have not earned to buy things they do not want to impress people they do not like’ Will Rogers.

The first secret of wealthy people is that they do not let their emotions control them when it comes to spending money. They do not care if their neighbor changes car every year. It does not impress them if their friends have just build a new pool and hold parties every weekend. Wealthy people know for a fact that emotions are a bad advisor when it comes to money. They prefer not to follow general trends in their social cycles. They do not need to impress anyone with what they have bought because they know that you do not need to look wealthy to be wealthy. Rich people are rich because they live like the poor. On the contrary, poor people are poor because they live like they are rich. This is the first answer to how to become wealthy.

‘Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time’ Brian Tracy.

The second secret of wealthy people is how they use their time. The number one rule here is that they do not exchange time for money. They do not work for a salary and do not climb the corporate ladder. They own the ladder. They own assets that put money into their pockets every month even if they do not work a single hour. On the contrary, the middle class is proud to climb the corporate ladder. They brag about their new corporate title, new office, and fancy car. Middle class likes this because they have no goals of their own. They prefer to work for someone else who has been smart enough to set those goals and employ someone else to execute on them. This leads me to final point here. Middle-class pursuit skills that the corporation wants them to have. The wealthy set their own goals and learn skills that allow them to achieve those goals. This is the second answer how to become wealthy.

‘Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it is a small price to pay for living a dream’ Peter McWilliams

Finally, have a look at how wealthy embrace discomfort. What makes you comfortable will ruin you. What makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow. One of the most dangerous phases of lives of people is when they rich their comfort zone. The middle class often reaches it and never decides to leave it. It is great to have money to pay for your house. It is exciting to drive that brand new car. You think you have it all. Things are not going to change. It will always be this way. Wrong. The moment you settle in your comfort zone and stop learning, stop exploring stop dreaming, the same moment you decide not to succeed. Living comfortable and setting safe goals will ruin you. Being independent and setting the bar high will get you where you want to be in the long term. Not a single wealthy person stays in their comfort zone. They know progress is key. No wealthy person will take the risk of being where they are and waiting when circumstances change and surprise them. They have trained their brains to embrace discomfort because they know that is is what makes them wealthy. This is the third answer how to become wealthy.

Final thoughts and further inspirations

One final thing I wanted to share about the wealthy. They have made all efforts to become skilled at making, controlling and safeguarding their money. They have done that be working on their financial IQ. They do understand money, and this is why money works for them instead of them working for money. This is the final answer how to become wealthy.

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