Why am I doing this

I have inspired many friends and colleagues to start building financial independence in the last 15 years. They kept on repeating that I should share my passion with other people. Teaching and blogging give me the best satisfaction. I am making my dream come true now.

My expertise

The content of this blog is based on ten years of experience in building financial independence on my own. I have been successfully building streams of passive income. I have also taken great control of my personal finance along the way.

I also stay connected with people around the world in order to understand today’s challenges in personal finance. I have been awarded top ten most views on quora.com on the subject of financial freedom. I am also on top of your needs by collecting and analyzing answers from the financial IQ assessment that I have designed and shared with people around the world.

Take the test now. Understand your financial IQ and help me in delivering content that matches your needs.

Financial IQ assessment

I have seen my colleagues and friends implementing the ideas that you will find on this blog. I know a lot of people who have progressed towards financial independence. I want you to be the next one.

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